The Lost Ways Review – The Guide To Surviving an Apocalypse

We live in a world of rapid decline, with populations soaring up, the industrial processes and developmental projects ravaging the Earth’s resources and nearing us to an inevitable and quick end.

The Earth is angry, replete with damage due to exploitation and desecration of her precious resources and is bubbling with a wave of destruction that might hit us anytime and catch us unawares.

However, we will sit inside our comfortable realms of protection without realizing even one bit that it all is just about to collapse. Moreover, what’s worse? We will not be prepared. The Lost Ways are the guide in which all ignorant people need to make it through these tough times.

Our lifestyles have rendered us incapable of surviving without the modern day amenities, and if we were to lose access to the facilities we enjoy today, we would not be able to survive for even a week.

Finding The Reality

Consumerism is slowly consuming us, and we are nearing the end real soon. Capitalism is the bane we all received in the disguise of a gift. Now that we get consumed by this virus, it has become so difficult to deal with everyday situations without a mechanized approach to it.

What if one day you realize that all the pleasures and luxury you enjoy today that has become more of necessities than conveniences will no longer be available to you? What if you realize that the food chains, malls, and grocery stores have all been shut down and destroyed and you will not have access to them anymore?

What if a war breaks out today or a massive earthquake wipes out your entire city, state or country? What if you get affected by famine, and there’s no food to eat and everyone’s starving and dying a slow torturous death around you, and there’s nothing that you could do about it?

Understanding The Human Journey

When all the air conditioners, apartments, Walmart, and refrigerators and modern cooking equipment did not exist, and here I am talking about the 150 years before us, our ancestors had well-structured residences and self-sufficient lifestyles and boy; they got stuff done. They made it. From growing their produce to creating habitable houses and being well equipped with all the survival strategies, they knew it all.

We certainly need the wisdom and expertise of our ancestors who relied on no material resource to not just survive but thrive. Moreover, all that has been compiled into a very comprehensive, informative guide with utmost precision and thorough research into various historical times in the form of a digital book written by survivalist and sustainable citizen Claude Davis.

The Lost Ways give us a glimpse into this old school way of living and prepare us for the impending calamities we are destined to face considering our highly destructive and catastrophic lifestyles and our lack of preparedness to deal with any situations in life.


The Lost Ways is a book written by life skills expert and survivalist Claude Davis that gives us a glimpse into the long abandoned methods and strategies our ancestors utilized to make it through distressing situations like famines, wars, financial crisis, disease, drought and whatever else life threw at them. This secret needs to be shared with as many people as possible – to help the individuals in the United States survive and keep their dear ones safe in this crippling, fast depleting nation.

About The Author

Claude Davis, survivalist and life skills expert survives on an ancient method of a habitation with his produce himself. All he has are log huts, a cauldron for cooking his food and a huge supply of canned foods in the woods. Interestingly, he was predisposed to this lifestyle after he and his family migrated from Ukraine and carried out farming in Texas where he was exposed to this way of living.

His grandfather’s experience in his chilling account in his personal journal affected Davis significantly and he, as a result, documented this experience as his grandfather survived one of the most devastating famines in human history, where people were starving to such an extent that they would eat their children.

He spent two weeks with his grandfather to grasp all his survival techniques and finally decided to pen all of this down in this book we call The Lost Ways.

How Does The Lost Ways Work?

This concise guide will help you navigate through the means to utilize the elements of nature to create food, shelter, clothing, the basic needs in life. This guide will teach you to abandon the destructive and consumerist lifestyles in the US and value every little resource you have and not forget the biggest survival strategies that helped us get where we are.

The 21st century has turned into a withering pathway with greed and our increasing dependence on modern gadgets. What this book does is give you a heads up on ancient survival and food and water storage strategies and helps you prepare in advance for war, famines, electromagnetic pulse attacks, economic breakdowns, floods and storms in a much more foresighted method.

From creating your smokehouse to your storm shelter and food that stays edible even after 50 years of storage, making pemmican, to creating a community of at least 4 to 5 families safeguarded from world crises, you will be able to survive in the toughest and most hostile of situations.

Taking a cue from Native American ways of living, this guide helps salvage your loved ones from hunger, crises, and helping us move out from our comfort zones, so we do not insert our heads into trash cans to look for food or run around in corners looking for necessities in life.

What Will The Lost Ways Teach Us?

As we can guess from the title of this book, the primary emphasis lied on the long forgotten skills and techniques our ancestors adopted, which were ingrained in the core structures of their lives.

Whether it was food, housing, or any other modes of survival and meeting the basic needs, this book has it all. When we have been living in a culture that believes in plundering the Earth’s resources and a highly entitled, avaricious and machine driven basis of existence.


Moreover, now, when we are nearing a crisis, with climate change, fiscal deficits, wars, the future of American populations is under threat. Hence, this dangerous detachment from our roots, from nature and our authentic selves is what needs to be safeguarded.

We may have the fanciest of mansions, but one deluge, one earthquake is sufficient to tear it into pieces. We need to shape our destinies and stop blaming the government for our problems. So before this impending crisis takes a toll on our lives, we need to take a step. We have based our existence on money, on papers.

However, what if one day you realize that you can no longer buy that fancy car or that latest gadget because the world crisis renders you incapable of possessing money? What did our ancestors do? How did they survive when the concept of money, gadgets, cars, and malls did not invade our lives?

How Do You Benefit By Reading The Lost Ways?

The Lost Ways will highlight the traditional housing systems and storm shelters used by ancestors that helped in camouflaging or served as hideouts. This book will also give you an insight as to how you catch animals like beer, and muskrat during winters.

You will learn about ways to store water for extended periods of time and keep it clean and portable just like the sailors in the 17th century did. Moreover, techniques to manufacture superfoods that are highly nutritious and easy to make are mentioned here.

You will also be enlightened about the self-defence techniques devised by wise sheriffs to defend yourself against bandits and looters. You will also learn about constructing roof cellars and other storage and food preservation expedients that reduce your dependence on refrigerators.

This book covers a unique feature on poultices and natural medicinal formulations that help you battle medical ailments and emergencies without relying on conventional medicines.

How Will The Lost Ways Expand Your Skill Set?

What skill set do you require for surviving away from the amenities of civilization? Hunting, butchering, foraging, fishing or other strategies?

How to stay immune to rising dangers of the electromagnetic pulse?

How to store foods for months and years altogether without compromising on their edibility? How to build a sturdy house that can withstand any natural force? How to mitigate yourself through a natural disaster?

This program will enable you to adopt methods our ancestors took 150 years ago and live the old fashioned way where they not only survived but flourished through the ages. It will help you become shrewd, enterprising and survive even if everyone around you were dying.

How do you preserve food? Make lard and ham or create a root cellar?

How The Lost Ways Can Help You Survive When You Need To?

The survival knowledge in this book will enable you to create strong, tenacious shelters that can survive any tribulation of nature.

You will be able to survive in the remotest of locations and the most hostile of circumstances and catch animals like beaver, muskrat, turkey and save your food for the winters and the guidelines for doing so have been provided by Patrick Shelley who is a survival expert.


1. Learn how sailors survived before

Not only that, but you will also learn how sailors and voyagers in the seventeenth century stored water in their vessels for significant periods of time and harvest water for your family and keep it pure at all rates and this guidance will be provided to you by the expert in this field, Shannon Azares.

2. Learn about the essential medicines

From poultices to medicinal remedies, you will learn formulations that save you from illness and hunger and get a glimpse of how our ancestors stored food for years at a stretch without the use of conventional preservatives or refrigerators, under the guidance of Susan Morrow, chemist, and teacher.

The book mentions the use of a standard growing weed known as opium lettuce which is by far the most efficient and less harmful painkiller acting directly on the central nervous system and also has a wide array of other uses for health conditions, so you do not have to rely on the present day prescription pills

3. Helps you create what you need

You get access to a hands-on guide on how to build an ideal subterranean roundhouse which can prove effective for camouflage and shelter from natural disasters and also serve as a hideout and a roof cellar too capable of providing shelter to around 3-4 families.

4. Tells you how you can get superfood

With the help of food expert Lex Rooker, you will learn a quick way to manufacture superfood with an essential constituent that can be found at any grocery store and the food is not only filling but very healthy and nutritious and can be kept for extremely extended periods of time and can still be consumed. This food, crafted and invented by Native Americans and an important part of their daily routines.

5. Teaches you to protect yourself

You will learn how to keep away from looters and bandits and devise strategies to prevent them at bay and defend yourself and your family if you happen to be surrounded by them.

Also, a guide by firearms expert Mike Searson on surviving without bullets or ammo and how they managed to shoot eight deer with just six bullets and somehow never run out of ammo will be covered by the book.

Attractive Packages Offered By The Lost Ways:-

Here are two reports provided in the book which is extremely useful to evolve your housing to include maximum facilities and all this will be provided to you free of cost.

1. What Should Every Survivalist Grow in His Backyard?

A comprehensive guide on what plants should you grow in your garden which is the toughest, sturdiest and offer the maximum nutritive value.

Which plants can thrive in the most hostile of conditions like droughts, floods, or light shortages and also steps on growing and harvesting them.

2. A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System

A can rotation system is a simple device used in household setups that arrange canned foods in an ascending order of expiry dates. This means that foods having an earlier expiry date will be on the front of the slot, and the device will keep rotating, and the food will be arranged accordingly.


This setup costs much more if you buy online, but when you manufacture it yourself, you save much money, and it is a lot more useful and convenient. There is a guide that is offered to make your can rotator with a capacity of almost 700 cans. The guide also has pictorial references to make you understand the process better.

3. How to survive an EMP Crisis?

The electromagnetic pulse is a severe threat to humanity as it can damage all your electronic goods and you stand to go back to the dark ages with no technology or gadgets or cars at your disposal.

Moreover, with the US creating more enemies every day and the nuclear warfare gathering momentum, a survival strategy for surviving the EMP crisis becomes imperative.

This guide gives you a step by step, day by day instruction account for surviving the EMP attack and look for strategies to survive without technology and also manufacture food and heat sources independent of technology.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Lost Ways?

In totality, anyone who is well informed about the impending doom and crisis the world is going to face and is highly concerned about the same should buy this book and learn the survival strategies mentioned here.

This book is a must buy for any person who cares about the future of his family and wants to carve his fate and emerge victorious in this global crisis.

Any person who values their forefathers’ valuable knowledge and believes that dependence on nature and not gadgets will solely guarantee that we do not perish should buy this book.

Every single individual tired of this vicious circle of consumerism and greed and this tiring race against time needs this book on their shelves right away.

Moreover, a person who wants to end the trend where we rely on machinery and gadgets not just for our daily activities but our gratification too needs to get this book on their table.

How Is The Lost Ways Different From Other Survival Guides?

What makes this guide stand out is the fact that Davis has not outrightly claimed to have answers to all the problems. All he wants is for people to be prepared and for that he has consulted experts and gathered as much knowledge as possible to ensure survival and not mere subsistence.

Also, the guide is exact and informative. Instead of being preachy like other guides, the Lost Ways provides you with practical, time-tested strategies to battle your survival struggles instead of reaching out to you. There are real solutions in there.



  • Highly Comprehensible: This Bible for human survival is so easy to understand for use in your daily lives; this book will give you insight on what needs to be done to retain and maintain the core prerequisites for a human being’s survival which is food, water and shelter.
  • Multipurpose Tips: The hacks and tips provided in this books can be used at all times and not just emergency situations. You can make the most of what you have at any given time place or situation. You can use the natural remedies mentioned in the book at even normal circumstances and not during medical crises. So you do not need a trip to the market to purchase a huge list of products for their hacks. Everything is already available in your homes.
  • Helps You Become Independent: The emphasis of this book on being self-sufficient is undisputed. At a time when we require assistance for maximum chores we do, the relevance of human effort and a do it yourself will go a long way in making you more independent and well equipped to deal with any situation at hand. So you get rid of your lazy and entitled approach, a plague almost every American is afflicted with today to help you survive better in any situation no matter what condition you are in. Moreover, it gives you a detailed guide on how to maintain essential resources like appliances, electricity, heat, water supplies and enable your self-sufficiency.
  • Cost Effective: The best part about this book is the inexpensive methods that require minimum investment and utilization of your daily resources to create survival expedients. What rotator costs you around 400 dollars on Amazon with a less capacity for cans can be constructed through this book at a cost as low as $29 dollars. Your existing resources are utilized to create ways and appliances to help you mitigate any crisis and make this world a little less capitalist and consumerist.
  • Bonus Offers: The three bonus packages and reports provided with the Lost Ways will further enhance your experience with the book and expand your knowledge and expertise so you can make the most of this program. The plants that you can use, the ways you can counter the EMP attack or the highly efficient and inexpensive can rotator system are must apply hacks and are provided with this program.
  • Customer Friendly: The amazing and receptive customer service makes it a breeze to navigate through the guide by adequately addressing all queries and concerns. What’s more, a 60-day money back guarantee with a no questions asked policy makes this book an even more desirable option because you are now assured that Davis is extremely particular about customer satisfaction and wants you to get the best experience with his book and is committed to that cause. All you need to do is contact Claude Davis’ team within 60 days, and you can get the refund option.


  • A Bit Technical at Times: Perhaps the only major downside of the hacks mentioned in the program is that they are technique sensitive. You need to pay careful attention to detail, making it difficult for the amateurs to navigate through the program.
  • Available ONLY in Digital Format: You can only download in digital format and read on your smart device.


This eBook will prepare you for any situation at hand. You may lack the equipment, the shelter, or the resources to live in peace and fend for your family, how do you deal with such a scenario?

How do you survive with zero dependence on modern technology, modern housing and any trace of electricity television, or the internet? All the answers to these questions are here in this book.

All in all, we would surely recommend the book – it is refreshing and provides a new look at life; one that’s much needed today.

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